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Schreibtraining Deutsch für den Beruf B2, Musterlösungen

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After completing the practice writing tasks found in telc Schreibtraining Deutsch für den Beruf B2 on their own, learners can use the examples in the model answers booklet as a benchmark for assessing and improving the quality of their own professional writing.


As a companion to Schreibtraining Deutsch für den Beruf B2, the model answers booklet provides learners with examples of all the writing tasks found at the B2 level as well as tips on how to best approach and solve them. The booklet includes model answers for e-mails, letters, short notes, chatting online, and reports – only to name a few. These supplementary materials offer learners extra practice and help in learning how to write in all relevant business communication contexts.

Learners who have worked through and completed the writing practice tasks can use the examples found in the model answers booklet as a benchmark for assessing and improving their own writing. Schreibtraining. Deutsch für den Beruf B2 and its accompanying model answers booklet are especially useful supplements for language courses using Einfach besser! Deutsch für den Beruf B1·B2 as well as individual learners wishing to improve their writing skills independently or using other supporting teaching materials. In addition, learners wishing to take the German for Professional Purposes examination after completion of the BAMF-Basismodul B2 will gain more confidence in their professional writing skills through regular writing practice.

telc gGmbH is a nonprofit organization that provides support to immigrants striving to build a new life in Germany.

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Article telc Publications
Number of pages 92
Edition/Year 2. Auflage 2020
Format DIN A4
ISBN 978-3-946447-25-2
Order number 4004-TSL-1801A
Delivery time 3-5 Tage working days