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Einfach besser! Deutsch für den Beruf B1·B2. Teacher’s Manual

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The Einfach besser! Deutsch für den Beruf B1·B2 Teacher’s Manual is an essential resource for instructors teaching vocational language courses. It includes useful tips and additional ideas that provide for variation in the classroom and help meet learning objectives.

The Einfach gut! Deutsch für den Beruf B1·B2 Teacher’s Manual provides an overview of the coursebook’s structure and rationale, guides instructors through the coursebook’s units by providing detailed instructions, gives suggestions for additional activities and varying tasks (e.g., learning scenarios), and offers practical tips for test taking and practicing pronunciation. Instructors teaching mixed-ability classrooms will find ideas for responding to individual learners’ language needs more effectively. The Teacher’s Manual also includes an answer key for the practice test and the coursebook’s activities as well as transcriptions of the practice test’s audio files. Conceived as a practical companion for instructors, this teaching manual provides instructors essential guidance in the classroom and complements the course by including useful tips and additional ideas that help meet classroom objectives.

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Author: Sabrina Sadowski

Article Course Material
Number of pages 100 pages
Edition/Year 1/2017
Format book (A4)
ISBN 978-3-946447-17-7
Order number 4004-HAA-1701A
Delivery time 3-5 working days