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Einfach besser! Deutsch für den Beruf B1·B2. Coursebook with integrated workbook

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Einfach besser! Deutsch für den Beruf B1·B2 is a newly-developed, modern coursebook designed for use in German language classrooms focusing on workplace communication. The coursebook includes an integrated workbook and additionally prepares students for the German for professional purposes examination telc Deutsch B1·B2 Beruf.

Einfach besser! has been specifically designed for use in general as well as vocational German language training courses. The coursebook’s content is consistent with the objectives found in the Basismodul B2 of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugee‘s (BAMF) job-related language development programme.

Following completion of Einfach gut!, students can continue learning with Einfach besser! The coursebook revises important language and language concepts at the B1 level while guiding students towards the B2 level with confidence. Einfach besser! caters broadly to a wide range of professions, focusing primarily on the most important communication scenarios found in everyday workplace, vocational and further education situations. Einfach besser! also imparts intercultural concepts that are important for success in the German working world. Linguistic competence is strengthened through controlled practice, free activities and learning scenarios.

Einfach besser! includes exam-like tasks and progress tests as well as an additional unit focusing on exam preparation entitled Fit für die Prüfung (Ready for the exam). To further help students prepare for the German for professional purposes exam, Einfach besser! also comes with a complete telc mock examination. Additional resources include vocabulary exercises, extra pages with personalization activities and a separate chapter on phonetics.

telc gGmbH is a non-profit organization that provides support to immigrants striving to build a new life in Germany. Current information can be found on:

Authors: Milena Angioni, Ines Hälbig, Viola Stübner

Article Course Material
Number of pages 288 pages
Edition/Year 1/2017
Format book (A4)
ISBN 978-3-946447-16-0
Order number 4004-BAA-1701A
Delivery time 3-5 working days