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Basis - Deutsch für Willkommenskurse: Basic level German course for refugees

6,90 €

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Basis – Deutsch für Willkommenskurse (Basic level German course for refugees) provides asylum seekers’ initial contact with the German language on 17 clearly-arranged double pages. The coursebook aims at helping learners to communicate in simple everyday situations involving daily life in Germany: from giving simple information about one’s person and immediate living and social environment to dealing with authorities.

Designed to meet the communicative needs of asylum seekers in Germany, Basis – Deutsch für Willkommenskurse (Basic level German course: Welcome to Germany) aims at helping asylum seekers handle everyday life in Germany and cope with the first flood of information. This coursebook is suitable for learners who may lack extensive formal schooling.

As a non-profit organization, telc gGmbH wishes to provide support particularly for volunteer course instructors and teaching assistants who can use the material immediately. This easy-to-use teaching material is self-explanatory and requires minimal preparation time. It provides enough material for up to 40 lessons in preparatory or basic level German courses. The book’s structure especially accommodates courses with flexible class attendance.

The audio files for Basis - Deutsch für Willkommenskurse can be downloaded free of charge here.

telc gGmbH is a nonprofit organization that provides support to immigrants striving to build a new life in Germany. After completing the basic level German course, learners can continue on with Einfach los!, the next level in the telc coursebook series for asylum seekers. Current information can be found on:

Article Course Material
Number of pages 40 pages
Edition/Year 1/2015
Format booklet (A4)
ISBN 978-3-946447-02-3
Order number 4002-BAA-1501A
Delivery time 3-5 working days