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TOP: telc Online Placement Test for Companies and Course Providers

Would you like a quick and convenient assessment of the linguistic level of participants based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and one that’s objective and reliable at the same time?

The telc Online Placement Test (TOP) is the ideal instrument for companies to assess their employees’ language skills. Results can be used as a basis for determining the need for further training. Universities and language schools can put together homogeneous courses using the telc online placement, as well.

The TOP Test at a glance:

• Objective, reliable, fair and fast evaluation according to CEFR levels

• Available in English and German

• Competent personal service

• Speaking and writing bookable as additional modules

• Flexible in terms of time and place

• Excellent price-performance ratio

• Immediate result reports

• No special software required

Benefits for companies:

• Quick and easy placement of applicants

• Reliable assessment of employees’ language skills

• Sound basis for determining training needs of employees

• Homogeneous language courses for employees

Benefits for universities and language schools:

• Reliable assessment of students’ and course participants’ language skills

• Sound basis for homogeneous language courses