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Hybrid exams

Conducting examinations in times of Covid-19 present a number of challenges for all involved. Most of the questions telc has received on this topic focus on the oral examination, where physical distancing rules make face to face communication difficult. After a successful pilot phase, telc now offers a hybrid examination model.

What is a hybrid exam?

A hybrid exam is conducted as follows:
the written examination is taken live as a paper-based examination according to the telc standard.
the oral examination is taken via conference software in a virtual examination room
Please note: The content of the oral exam remains unchanged for each exam format. Examiners conduct the exam online and all documents are provided digitally. This means that your examiners do not have to travel. Only your test-takers are on site at the examination center. Once the exam has been completed, all documents are sent to telc.

How is the hybrid exam registered?

Register the hybrid exam online in the telc Community section as usual. When registering for the exam in telc Community, simply enter in the comment field that you wish to take a hybrid exam.

Which exam formats can be used as a hybrid exam?

telc exams in all languages at GER at levels B1, B2 and C1 can be taken as a hybrid exam.

When can hybrid exams be registered?

As of now! The telc terms and conditions and the guidelines for carrying out the respective test apply. The additional guidelines for performing the telc hybrid exams are linked under this article.

Is a special examiner licence necessary to perform hybrid exams?

The procedure in the virtual exam room corresponds to the on-site exam so no additional licence is required. However, telc does provide an optional, free training course for taking a hybrid oral exam for examiners with a valid licence on the telc campus.

To the telc campus

Instructions for hybrid tests