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Mobility and multilingualism

For over four decades, the not-for-profit telc gGmbH has been setting milestones on the way to modern language teaching, promoting multilingualism, mobility and qualified training. We see ourselves as a bridge builder – in Europe and beyond.

"Mother tongue plus two" is the aim of the European Commission. We support this with a current portfolio of 10 languages. In a world that is characterised by mobility, language skills open doors to career opportunities. They promote social and cultural integration. By using reliable, fair and standardised testing methods, we contribute to the objective comparability of language skills, and we facilitate equal employment opportunities and intercultural understanding.

We are always aware of the social responsibility that we have as a not-for-profit company. Our innovative offers are designed to meet current needs. Be it in the fields of medicine and nursing, language tests for immigrants or entrance exams for higher education, we always have our finger on the pulse of time. We think across borders and we think outside the box.

telc certificates are increasingly in demand by language learners outside Europe, and they are being used in the context of global mobility. Our growing international network of partners confirms this trend. This speaks for the international appeal of our European approach.

This is how we contribute. Step by step, with each telc certificate, we help the European idea take shape. We are helping remove barriers and we are providing opportunities in work and education. The promotion of a mobile and multilingual society: that is our mission.