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telc regularly organises and actively participates in conferences on education.


The symposium pflegemedizin@telc supports telc license partners in dealing with the field of German for physicians and nursing staff. Presentations and workshops tackle the following questions: How do I design specialised technical language courses? How can I implement the technical language telc tests into the course program? How do I acquire partners? These questions are dealt with separately for physicians and nursing staff.

telc conference

Regular cross-language telc conferences focus on current training topics, such as neurodidactics or e-learning. These conferences bring together experts to discuss comprehensive or specific fields, such as school, university and business, intensively in workshops and high-profile plenary lectures. The lively exchange between telc test developers, scientists, linguists and decision-makers is what adds to the value of these conferences, which is in turn reflected in our tests, materials and training events.

telc trainer meeting

telc trainers not only teach seminars for examiner training courses, but they also represent telc at conferences and events. Once a year they come together to interact professionally and to learn about the latest innovations of the telc GmbH. We not only offer events for our trainers in Germany, but also those in Poland, Hungary and Switzerland. This helps ensure the quality of our trainers, who act as multipliers for us, nationally and internationally. So far, they have trained over 12,000 examiners worldwide.

Other conferences

You will regularly find us at the major national and international conferences for foreign language teachers, the IATEFL Conference for English and the German International Teachers' Conference (IDT) for German. IATEFL also offers two special interest groups, in which telc is actively involved: the TEASIG for testing and inspection as well as the BESIG for Business English.

The central theme for telc is, of course, testing. Therefore, we participate in all ALTE workshops and international conferences . Within the ALTE, the Association of Language Testers in Europe, a telc expert leads the CEFR Special Interest Group, which deals with the calibration of language tests with the European Framework.

We also attend the annual meetings of other leading professional associations: eALTA as a European organisation, ILTA as an international organisation with an annual language testing research colloquium, and the aea-Europe, with its focus on Educational Assessment among others.

telc language teacher training provides a comprehensive training program and is therefore always looking for current issues and trends related to the topic of education at national and international conferences, including 2013 at the ASTD International Conference in Dallas, USA or the online Educa Berlin.

Naturally, telc also lends its expertise to its partners when they are organising conferences or workshops, for instance for the DVV's Federal Language Conference.

The following list gives information on telc's recent workshop and conference participation:

Sibylle Plassmann: Assessment for the workplace: the new German test for doctors

Poster presentation, held on July 6, 2014

LTRC Amsterdam: Towards a Universal Framework

Sibylle Plassmann: Assessment for the workplace: the new German test for doctors

Lecture delivered on 11 April 2014, to the lecture

International ALTE Conference Paris: Language Assessment for Multilingualism:
promoting linguistic diversity and intercultural communication

Sean McDonald: Comparison of language levels across different languages

Lecture delivered on 3 April, 2014

48th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition Harrogate

Louise Lauppe: Cross-language benchmarking: trial and results of a comparative approach

Lecture delivered on April 3, 2014, to the lecture:

48th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition Harrogate 

Sibylle Plassmann: EQF and CEFR: the alignment of two European reference systems

Lecture delivered on 5 April 2014, to the lecture

48th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition Harrogate

Sean McDonald: Calibrating challenging C2 candidates: Evaluating Speaking Tests in Germany

Lecture delivered on 23 November, 2013, to the lecture

IATEFL Testing, Evaluation and Assessment SIG Conference: Diversity, plurilingualism and their Impact on language testing and assessment

Sibylle Plassmann: Examples of good practice in the selection and construction of test tasks for immigration

Workshop, held on November 13, 2013

ALTE Meeting, Barcelona

Sibylle Plassmann: Fairness durch Standards. Sprachprüfungen für Migration und Staatsbürgerschaft

Lecture and Workshop, held on November 7, 2013, symposium Adult Education Department Basel-Landschaft: „… und wer entscheidet, wann es gut ist?“ Language tests and language tests for immigrants: objectives, benefits and problem areas. to the lecture

Begüm Benli, Sibylle Plassmann: Tests for Turkish as a Heritage Language

Poster presentation, 25th / 26th May 2013

EALTA Conference: The Impact of Language Testing and Assessment