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telc for Professionals

Foreign language competence in your career

Foreign language abilities are more in demand in the workplace than ever before.   

Make the most of your opportunity by showing potential employers your competence in languages with an internationally recognised telc certificate.

The choice is yours

At telc, you can receive certificates:

  • in ten languages
  • at six levels
  • for general and professionally oriented language skills

Our general language certificates are a great way to demonstrate your foreign language abilities. They also deal with professional situations.  Alternatively, you can be tested specifically for your business language abilities in English (B1, B2 and B1-B2 and B2-C1 dual level), French (B1) and German (A2+, B1+, B2+, C1). You can even choose an exam created especially for your field, such as English for hospitality (telc English B1 for Hotel and Restaurant) or for technical professions (telc English B2 Technical). At telc, you’ll find the exam that is just right for you.

Convince employers with your additional qualifications

Whether you work for an international firm or work abroad, competence in foreign languages is always a plus point. Your telc certificate tells personnel managers about  your language proficiency. Above all, you’re showing your initiative and enthusiasm for the job at hand and for your personal development. You’ll improve your career chances, with more opportunity for greater responsibility and, of course, more money.