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telc Español A1 Escuela

telc Español A1 Escuela is a general language exam that you can normally take after an average of 100 - 150 teaching units (45 minutes each). It has the same format as telc Español A1, but, as far as its topics are concerned, it is geared towards young adults aged approximately 16 to 18 who might have, for example, selected Spanish as their third foreign language in school. 

A1 telc Español A1 Escuela

What can you do at level A1?

At level A1 you can communicate in a very simple way about needs of a concrete type (e.g. introductions, food and drink, shopping, say where you live.) You can use a few very basic grammatical constructions.

What is the structure of the examination?

The exam consists of a written and an oral part. The written exam lasts 70 minutes. The oral exam usually takes place straight after the written exam, without any preparation time.


Written examination Language Elements (vocabulary and grammar) 10
Listening Comprehension / Situational Responses 15
Reading Comprehension 30
Writing 15
Oral Examination usually together with up to three other candidates 15

What is expected from you in the examination?

You can find detailed information about the exam by looking at the mock examination telc Español A1 Escuela. This is a complete test (including an answer key), which you can try out at home or in your lessons. In addition, you can read about how the exam is conducted and how the written and oral performance are rated. 

You can download the mock examination and the accompanying MP3 file here free of charge. The printed version and the Audio-CD are available in the telc shop.

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Copy-Masters offer a rich variety of speaking, writing, idiom, listening and reading activities for the class room. Teachers can also find tips on how to apply the material in their lessons.
The exercises have various topics and are especially tailored for telc Spanish A1 Escuela.

How do I prepare myself for the examination?

You will probably have gained your language competence in school. You should familiarise yourself with the subtests of the telc Español A1 Escuela examination and how it is run. The mock examination will help you.

When can I take the examination?

Your telc examination centre offers examinations regularly, and can also offer exams upon request. Please enquire at the centre when the next exam is scheduled. As you plan, please take into consideration that your examination centre has to register the exam at telc 12 days before the exam date.

As a teacher, you can also ask one of our education consultantsfor further information.



Where can I take a telc examination?

At all telc examination centres (e.g. Adult Education Centres). Please consider that some examination centres do not offer the entire telc programme. To find examination centres in your area, please click here.

As a teacher, you can also ask one of our consultans for further information.



What does the examination cost?

Your examination centre or the telc education consultants will inform you about the exam fee. Each examination centre is free to determine the exam fee individually, so unfortunately we cannot give you any details.

Can I repeat the examination?

Yes, you can take the exam as often as you wish. At level A1 you have to retake the whole exam, i.e. both the written and the oral part.