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telc English A2·B1 School

telc English A2·B1 School is a dual-level examination that tests general language competence at two levels. It is intended for school pupils between the ages of 12 and 17. Pupils who are taught English as their first foreign language can normally take the exam in class 8 or class 9. Pupils who start learning English later take the exam at a later date.

For adults at this level, we recommend the examination telc English A2·B1.

A2·B1 telc English A2·B1 School

What can you do at levels A2 and B1 School?

At level A2, you can communicate in a simple way in typical everyday situations. You can hold short conversations in a familiar context and can use simple grammatical structures correctly.

At level B1, you can communicate in a simple and connected way in everyday situations, when travelling and when talking about topics that are of personal interest. You can describe experiences, hopes and ambitions and give reasons for opinions. On the whole, you can use the most important grammatical structures correctly.

What is the structure of the examination?

The exam consists of a written and an oral part. The written exam lasts 100 minutes. The oral exam usually takes place straight after the written exam, without any preparation time.

Written examination Listening 25
Reading 45
Writing 30
Oral Examination usually together with one other candidate 16

What is expected from you in the examination?

You can find out the details of the exam by looking at the mock examination telc English A2-B1 School. This is a complete test (with answer key), which you can try out at home or in your lessons. In addition, you can read about the exam procedure and how the written test and oral performance are rated.

You can download the mock examination and the relevant MP3 files here free of charge. The printed version and the Audio-CD are available in the telc shop.

NEW! Free Classroom Activities to Download

telc now offers a  great source of vocabulary, speaking, writing, listening and reading activities for the classroom. Advice for teachers using the material in their lessons is included. The exercises cover a variety of topics specially tailored for telc English School A2 and B1.

Additional Material

The Handbook telc English A2-B1 School offers comprehensive information about the dual-level test format. In it you will find everything about testing receptive and productive skills, marking criteria, the CEF Framework, and more. A must-have for teachers, who are preparing for the dual-level English examination, telc examiners, management of language departments and other interested stakeholders.

Tips for test takers

In the Tips for Test Takers A2-B1 you will find detailed information on all the subtest types that are found in the exam. In addition, there are examples of written work from candidates and comments on how these are rated.

How do pupils prepare themselves for the examination?

Pupils usually develop their language competence in lessons at school or through language courses. Additionally, many bookshops sell course books that prepare pupils specifically for the language level A2 and B1.

The mock examination can help to familiarise pupils with the procedures and types of subtests in the telc English A2-B1 School examination. Pupils should familiarise themselves with the format of the examination well before taking it.

Can I use a dictionary during telc English A2-B1 School?


When can they take the examination?

Your telc examination centre offers examinations regularly, and centres can also offer exams on request. Please enquire at the centre to see when the next exam is scheduled. When you’re planning to take your exam, please note that your examination centre has to register the exam with telc 30 days before the exam date.

Where can they take a telc examination?

Individuals can take exams at all telc-registered examination centres, including many adult education centres. Please be aware that some examination centres do not offer the entire telc programme. To find examination centres in your area, please click here.

How much does the examination cost?

Your examination centre will inform you about the exam fee. Because each examination centre is free to determine its own exam fees, telc cannot give you any cost-related details.

Can the examination be repeated?

Yes, exams can be repeated as often as you wish. At this level, you have to repeat the whole exam (both the written and oral parts).