Start Deutsch 2 / telc Deutsch A2

Start Deutsch 2 / telc Deutsch A2 is a general language exam that you can normally take after an average of 250 – 300 teaching units (45 minutes). The exam can be taken by anyone.

For work-related purposes we recommend telc Deutsch A2+ Beruf.


What can you do at level A2?

At level A2 you can communicate in a simple way in typical everyday situations. In a familiar context you can hold short conversations. You can use simple grammatical structures correctly.


What is the structure of the examination?

The exam consists of a written and an oral part. The written exam lasts 70 minutes. The oral exam usually takes place straight after the written exam, without any preparation time.

Written Examination   Listening

Reading and writing

usually together with one other candidate11

*The exam Start Deutsch 2 was developed in co-operation between the Goethe Institut and telc GmbH.

Practice Material

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