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“As test providers, we take the multilingual goals of the European Commission seriously.“

“Eleven languages from a single provider – this is only possible with
telc – language tests

Jürgen Keicher, Managing Director of telc GmbH

telc stands for The European Language Certificates. In continual realisation of this claim that is integral to our name, we now offer over 70 different examinations, in eleven languages.

telc GmbH is a subsidiary of the German Adult Education Association (DVV), supporting further education for personal and professional development in the interest of the general public. For this reason, telc is a recognised not-for-profit organisation.

In Germany, telc GmbH is the federal government’s exclusive partner for the language tests taken at the end of the integration courses for migrants. telc certificates are recognised as official proof of German language competence required for obtaining citizenship. Likewise, the department of Foreign Affairs recognises telc certificates as proof of language competence of migrants joining their spouses in Germany.

telc also enjoys official recognition and acceptance outside of Germany. In Poland, for example, telc certificates are recognised as proof of language competence for civil service applicants. In Hungary, university students must prove foreign language competence at B2 level to obtain their diplomas. telc examinations are state-approved in Hungary. Another example is Switzerland: varying according to canton, telc certificates are accepted as pre-requisites for Swiss citizenship or entry into the civil service.


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