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October 2011 | Frankfurt

Getting it ‘write’ in English

For many people the most challenging aspect of learning a foreign language is writing. Any inaccuracies are there on the page in black and white, and the majority of the body language and compensation strategies used in spoken communication cannot be exploited. There are, however, some simple and effective ways you can improve.

One approach to consolidating your writing skills that is often overlooked is reading. The more articles, blogs, books and other material written by native speakers that you read, the more words and ways of forming a sentence you learn – and the better your  feel for authentic English as a result. Similarly, listening to native speakers talk about a topic of interest can provide a wealth of useful vocabulary and phrases to enhance your writing. The Internet offers endless resources in the form of podcasts and webinars, which can be a fun way of gathering ideas to incorporate into your work.
The key to good writing is making a conscious effort to think in English. If you are constantly attempting to transfer thoughts from your own language into written form in another, more often than not the results are clumsy and unnatural – unless you are an experienced translator, of course. Practice also makes perfect, as they say, and many successful learners make significant progress through writing something in English every day. Whether it’s an email, letter, blog post or review; every little helps. And if you can find a native speaker to check your work afterwards, there are even more benefits to be gained from the experience.

Have you succeeded in improving your writing skills in English using any of the strategies above? Perhaps you have some additional tips to share? We’d love to hear about your experiences via the telc English Facebook page – why not log on today?

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